10 Photos

If you could keep only 10 photos, of all the photos you have taken, on all your devices, printed and digital, which ones would you keep?

This question was asked by Nick Kelsh (http://howtophotographyourlife.com/) at our recent APPO conference in Orlando Florida.

I was not able to attend, but thanks to APPO’s cutting edge technology, I was able to get a sneak peek at several events going on, by using Twitter and Meerkat (I have android, so was able to watch but not interact).

This was so enjoyable, and I made a promise to myself to attend conference next year in Anaheim! Thank you APPO!

But I digress. Back to Nick Kelsh’s question.

In a very profound way, he showed us pics of scenery and flowers and food, and one by one, x’ed out of them…and we realized that the most important photos – the ones we want and need to preserve – are not the scenery and what we had for dinner, but the photos of our loved ones and most important moments.

I asked this question of my husband on our morning walk and he immediately said, wedding, baby’s births, graduation…and I realized, he gets it!

So I pose this question to you – what are your 10 photos? While you’re thinking, here’s one of my recent precious photos to share with you.

Possible contender for my 10 pics!

Possible contender for my 10 pics!

til next time…

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In Focus Magazine – APPO’s magazine for photo organizers

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Most wonderful time of the year

Happy Holidays! I am enjoying the simplicity of our holidays. While I wish we had more of an extended family circle to socialize with at times like these, I appreciate how relaxed our holidays are, no rushing around, no family pushing each other’s buttons, no guests outstaying their welcome. There are benefits to being “just us”.

What I am enjoying the most is being with my kids. My daughter Sam has returned from 6 months in India, for a short home stay before returning to finish the important work she is doing there. My son Tyler is also home, from college, and while is is doing his own thing (sleeping unusual hours, eating at unusual hours, etc.) he is spending more time than usual with the family – I love talking with him. He has a unique way of looking at things, and his analytical nature keeps me on my toes.

Highlights of our holiday adventures include watching movies together: The Good Lie, The Imitation Game, The 100 Foot Journey – all Sam-recommended and all excellent. I love sitting with the whole family, watching a good movie, whether on the couch or in the theater. Last night, we watched Gandhi, as part of Sam’s wishlist of Indian movies to watch. The 100 Foot Journey is on that list also, and today we will pick up Slumdog Millionaire; now that she has learned some Hindi, Sam is excited to hear it spoken in this well-loved movie.

On Christmas eve, our tradition is to attend the Unitarian Universalist candlelight service in Montclair, and thankfully, we continued this tradition and learned it was the last Christmas Eve service for minister Charlie Ortman. We also attended an earlier Christmas eve service at the Liquid Church in Nutley, which was a high-energy, polished and very different service. We were all given a bag of cookies to give to someone who had to work on Christmas eve; we gave ours to our waitress at Manny’s Diner in Montclair, and told her that we appreciated her. She was surprised and touched by gesture.

Another highlight of this holiday season is that I was given the opportunity to help several people in my networking group with their holiday cards, using Pixingo. In addition, I was referred to a local business that sent out over 1,000 cards using my services.

I do love helping friends design and send their cards – and I had a busy season making cards and gifts, including a photo book and a poster for several colleagues in my networking group (Nutley Women’s Networking group).

Tomorrow will be exciting as well – the kids and I are going into NYC to see Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man on Broadway, followed by dinner at 5 Napkin Burger in Hell’s Kitchen, where hubby will join us after work for a family dinner.

Happy New Year! …til next time…

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The weekend

Got together with friends this weekend and had a lovely time, working on our photos. My friend P has a warm and welcoming  home in Montclair, and we all basked in the streaming sunlight while we worked, along with her adorable large black cat.

I use the word “work” loosely, at least for me. I was supposed to be reviewing and editing my scanned slides, and I made some progress, but not nearly what I had planned to accomplish. We did a lot of talking about everything – travel, DNR’s, family, divorce, online dating, altruism…it’s so easy to be distracted from “work” when you are among friends.

I did upload into Historian all of my Huey Family slides from Grandma Huey’s scrapbooks which I discovered just this year.  I also helped N figure out how to start a book to share photos with her estranged husband, drilled N about her online dating progress, laughed as P helped S get started on her online dating adventure, especially when P’s husband came home and thought it was P who was exploring this resource!

We all contributed to lunch, which was a  wonderful butternut squash soup courtesy of B, and P’s delicious Kale Salad (from Costco) and tasty desserts. I made Paleo cookies (to which I add a few secret ingredients, comment me if you want to know). More talking over lunch, and the day was passing by…

This is why we need a weekend to make real progress…although B finished her album and C was churning out pages for her husband’s family heritage album. I guess I should speak for myself. But seriously, I had to Skype with my daughter in India while she was still awake…and read each neighbor’s group text about a recent break-in and robbery!

We finished at 5pm and I came home to see my son’s car parked outside – what a nice surprise! We had a very nice visit…still don’t understand the evening nap he took, followed by an all nighter followed by bed at 5am…but it is what it is. Lots of hugs, and pancakes, and laundry.

Update on my mom: she is doing well at rehab, getting antsy which I see as a good sign. Now the question is – long term care in a nursing home  or return to assisted living, with a lot more assistance? Tomorrow is our Care Conference, followed by the assisted living assessment. After the roller coaster of the past few weeks, being told to think End of Life when she wouldn’t wake up….and then when she woke up…still being told End of Life because she couldn’t swallow….until she started swallowing again…and eating……

So now, I’m fine just waiting and seeing…each day brings a new perspective.

til next time…




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Alright Alright Alright!

Silly me. I heard Matthew McConaughey say alright alright alright at the Oscars, but I didn’t know it was one of his pet phrases…thought it was from his Oscar role in Dallas Buyers Club. Just watched the movie, which was great…except that I waited throughout the movie to hear him say the phrase…oh well…guess I’m out of the showbiz loop…

Had a great week overall – back to the gym after weeks of running to the hospital for my mom. She is doing well – after a rollercoaster of ups and downs – and is recuperating at rehab. Visited with her today also.

I enjoyed my Aquafit class on Wednesday with a new (sub) teacher who gave us the simplest moves with the maximum effect. Thursday I got back on the rowing machine which I love, and today the stars aligned at Aquafit where I regrouped with my buddies and we went out for coffee afterwards.


CM is back!

Yesterday I signed up to be a CM Advisor and I’m happy to be part of this new incarnation of Creative Memories. Tomorrow I’ll get together with some of my favorite people to scrapbook, both digitally and traditionally (I’ll be editing a bunch of scanned slides and hopefully sharing some soon!)

Just to catch you up on my binge watching…we went through Masters of Sex, which was wow!,  finished up Parenthood, always so well done, and yesterday embarked on The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels which looks very promising. Next up movie-wise is Inception.

Business-wise, gearing up for the Holiday card season with Pixingo, excited about the Yarly November scanning discount and looking forward to helping lots of people enjoy and share their photos!

til next time…



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Coming around again

It’s been awhile since I posted here, and a lot has happened!

I have been figuring out my blog actually, and was on Tumbler for awhile. I’ve decided to settle here on WordPress, and I’ve changed my blog name! Here is the blog post copied from Tumblr to explain that 🙂

It’s All About The Photos (September 10, 2014)

How do I describe what I do? I have noticed more and more I just say, if it has to do with photos, I can help. So for me it’s all about the photos. I also really like that new song – It’s All About the Bass – so my Blog Title just came to me – after checking in with my daughter, of course, for feedback!

I am moving along in my Post-Creative Memories journey (although CM may be coming back! more about that later…) and I am thoroughly enjoying being a Personal Photo Organizer, a Pixingo Pro and now I’m adding preserving memories through local digitization and cloud storage with Yarly!

I’m excited about new opportunities to learn and grow, and to help others accomplish their photo organization and preservation goals, which is a passion of mine. I am happily awaiting my new photo book, created for all the amazing things my son has accomplished since he started college, and enjoying two canvas prints of my dad’s paintings. Life is good.

Oh, and just to update you about our binge tv watching, we just finished the United States of Tara which was excellent, and started Californication, which I am withholding judgement on for now. The Big C was great also…..til next time…

and my previous and first Tumblr post, just because I am in the memory business and I save everything 🙂

Journey of a thousand miles…(July 21, 2014)

So, I don’t have a title, but I’m taking a single step towards sharing my thoughts and feelings on life, photos and memories with you.

I am a Personal Photo Organizer and a Pixingo Pro. Basically, I love photos and helping you find ways to enjoy them, your way. There are so many possibilities, and it can be super simple.

I was a Creative Memories Consultant for 20 years before branching out on my own with help from the Association for Personal Photo Organizers.

I have two kids and also, with my husband, take care of my mom and mother in law. I enjoy swimming, reading, binge tv watching (currently Nurse Jackie) being with my family, traditional and digital scrapbooking….

Well, the pool at LA Fitness is finally open after being closed for 2 weeks, so I’m off to swim some laps and join my Aquafit class. Til next time…

So, there you have it! The past 6 months have been busy with parent health issues, but things are settling down, at least for now. I’m excited to get back to blogging!

My next post will be all new, promise!

…til next time…


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Good Memories

Good Memories

Found this picture of my mom and dad on one of their many travel adventures.
Here they are having fun in Ireland

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